#BBNaija2020 “I am grateful to Lucy” – Prince says after he escapes eviction

Prince’s DS

How Are You Feeling?

He feels good, the yoga session helped him think of a couple of things that had been bothering him, and let out some emotions. It actually felt good to feel lighter, especially with tempers flaring in the house, and people getting on each other’s nerves.

Some of the things you healed from?

Before coming he was thinking of life before in the house and after the house. He thinks a lot. It helped him reflect on his life, every decision he has made that led up to this pint and helped him realise that being in the house is grace, not because he is deserving. He also thought about someone who was very close to him and was sick with COVID before he came in, he hopes the person should be fine by now

Thoughts on new HoH

Lucy is his friend, she’s one of the people he vibes with. They both lives in C/River state, which is something they have in common. She has her flaws, but he kikes that she wants to learn and is open to suggestion and opinions. She listens to him, he is close to her, even though she may bit really be close to everyone else. He spoke to her at the party and yesterday as well. He thinks her reign will be smooth and he will help her, as her Deputy (a role he is grateful for

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Aside himself, who would he have preferred to win HoH?

He has no favorites he would have preferred. It’s a very fair game, open to chance, anyone can win. He has no preference, because he feels he is close to everybody. Anybody else could have won, although he knows some other persons would not have made him their Deputy

How Does Immunity Make You Feel?

He was tensed up. When Lucy won, he already knew she would pick Ka3na, but when Biggie said it had to be someone of the opposite gender, he thought it could be him or Praise. He is very happy she picked him, and to be in this first eviction would be crazy. There are a lot of strong housemates, and they don’t know what fans think of them. He’s just glad he isn’t up for the first eviction

How do you think the rest of the housemates feel?

He is very sure a lot of housemates would have preferred someone they are closer to, so, they would have had the Deputy role. Lucy, doesn’t get along with a lot of people though. He is very sure people we’re displeased with her win. He thought some people were making funny faces when she made her first HoH speech, he spoke to her about it in the HoH lounge. He believes things will get better toward the end of the week

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Biggie asks for the Names

Lucy has had confrontations with some of the housemates, namely Vee, Tolani, and some others. People generally have those they are comfortable with, but he encourages everyone to keep the peace as much as possible.

Preparation for House Task

He and Praise will be choreographing the whole show. He admits they are not all professionals and are not talented in some things, however, he and Praise have some knowledge on choreography. Different people are doing different things, (he names these things), he believes, at the end of things, Biggie will be impressed. They haven’t gotten props, but they have what they want to choreograph in their heads. By tomorrow they will have everything on lockdown if Biggie provides the props

What role will he be playing?

He will be in the band, plans to do a few tricks with the sticks. He also wants to try juggling, and they plan for things to be elaborate. He is trying to play as many roles as possible to get things going

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Do HMs

They now take it seriously, after losing last week, they are aware of the penalties. They want to work hard to make up for last week’s losses and win the wager, so, they can get back what they lost from last week.

Is HoH doing enough?

She is doing as much as she can. She is trying to not step on toes, and trying to retrace her steps, she is also trying to be diplomatic with everybody and he is trying his best as well. She has taken down names of HMs as well as the props needed, which is a step in the right direction. He believes once they have their props, they will get to work. She is being very careful about not starting confrontations, to avoid ruining the mood and endangering the task. She is working despite an injury from this morning, so, it is commendable

Anything Else?


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