#Bbnaija2020: “I’m cool with all the housemates” – Kaisha

Kaisha’s DS

How Are You Feeling?

She feels great, she feels good.


Starting from yesterday, everyone has been nice and cool. Today, they talked about everything and everyone has been great. Everybody has been nice, so, yeah…

Thoughts on New HoH

Lucy is a nice person, but she can be really annoying sometimes. It was her luck, the game is a game of luck. It’s fine, it’s cook. She’s scared of no one, so, it’s very okay for her

Who would she have preferred to be HoH

Between Ozo and Neo, she would have preferred Ozo to win.

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For her, she has been observing everyone and Ozo has been very real out of everyone in the house. Even in the conversation today, she could hear how he was talking. He’s just real, and she feels he isn’t proud, and would have worked well with other HMs

What are her chances of survival?

She does not know. She just hopes viewers will love her enough to keep her. She had a good personality and 100% chance of still being in the house.

Task preparation plans?

She does not know how to do most of these stuff honestly, although, she was planning to do gymnastics, cheerleading and skipping. Those are the things she can possibly try to do.

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Any special talent on display from her?

*she laughs* Singing, she doesn’t know if that is the right answer. She is just going to do her best

Does she think House is working together to win the wager?

Right now, No. They have been talking about it, but she does not know if they will get to it later. Praise is trying to organize the house, but there is no actual unity in action.

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Is the HoH doing enough in helping with preparation and winning of the wager?

Yes, she asked everyone what they would like to do earlier. She is doing her best, so yes.

Anything Else?

No. She would have said a lot yesterday, but right now, everything is going well.

*What would you have talked about yesterday?

How housemates are rude and intentionally ganging up against her. However, they talked, everyone now understands better and they are now trying to do better.

End of DS

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