#BBNaija2020: Neo should have won the HoH – Kiddwaya


How Are You Feeling?

Today, he feels great, he feels good. The first 4/5 days he was feeling like he’ll. He couldn’t eat sleep, drink or talk and felt tired every moment. The first week was terrible, he couldn’t contribute to his team. Since he started taking the drugs, he has been feeling good and he is happy housemates get to see the real him. So, he feels really good today

Thoughts on new job

He thinks Lucy is cool. He gets a long white well with her. She maybe, is not liked much from everyone in the house. So, the vibes are not right, and people don’t see her as the new job, they still have Nengi in mind. He feels they should give her a chance, and she will do better. He feels the hob may be a bit too early for her, as she has some relationships she hadn’t quite mended, so, it may not be good. He has no issues with her, but wants to show he will be there for her when she needs help. So far, she is okay

Aside himself, who would he give HoH?

He would have given Neo. Neo has been so close multiple times, and he felt Neo deserved it this time. He felt pain for Neo when Lucy won. But next time. He believes Neo’s time will come.

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Thoughts on eviction and his chances of survival?

He feels good. Like he said, he couldn’t do much the first work, however, he feels like since last Friday, he has shown more of himself and believes he has done enough to show people his person. He’s a real guy. He doesn’t think he’s the kind of person that wants to be the center of attention, unlike Praise, who prefers to be the center of attention and he livees him for that. He has a lot of talent and good vibes to give, and he feels he has good relationships with everyone in the else. He feels confident, blessed and motivated. He wants to enjoy himself and take things day by day as nothing is guaranteed. He just feels good that his energy is back.

His preparation plan for

The house has done a couple of routines during the gym session. He’s going to do the worm, get the girls involved with some dancing lives. After the DS, they will come together and try to get down what they plan to do. They want to get a majority of things done today, get everyone on the same page. Praise has been very helpful wit the choreography, so, he thinks once everyone understands the fundamental, they can practice bit by bit. Tomorrow will be their first practice performance from start to finish. They will make sure they are ready to give 100% to the viewers.

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What role will he play?

He will be doing the worm, but he’s not sure what stage that comes in. They have a cheerleading routine, where Laycon will be pushed up into the air….(he goes on to describe how the routine will go). He’s a team player, so, he will do what he can to advance the team, but for now, his part is where he throws LayCOON, in the air.

Biggie teases “no fires please, so, you don’t mistakenly burn the house”

Is the house working together?

They are taking it seriously. As a group, they haven’t been doing enough, they’ve just been showing up to improvise. They now realise it is very serious, especially when they went shopping and saw that the food is not enough in comparison to how they eat. He says they have not been as prepared as they should be, and even the gym session was mostly with the guys. They will be working late into the night today though, and this will be a good opportunity for them to show what they have been up to, and show they are serious about the show. InshAllah Thursday, they will be ready for the task

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Do you think HoH has done better?

No. He does not think she has been very authoritative. She speaks her mind when she wants to, but with leadership, she is not as firm. That is why Prince has been doing more. In her defence, Praise took control in the gym session, so, she may have assumed Praise and the boys could do better, so, she just stepped back and allowed them control. So, no disrespect to her or her style of ruling, but in this situation, it is people with loud voices that can do this group stuff. He has not asserted his authority with Praise, because a good leader knows when to step back and allow others with a specialty. He also thinks Neo would have been ideal for the task. Going forward, be thinks she will be better with keeping the house clean and kitchen organization.

Anything Else?

He wants Biggie to leave the AC on, even if it’s cold (after Naija based His complained about it last week). Also, the Jacuzzi still has an issue, so, if someone can leave instructions it make some magic happen.

Biggie will look into the first instruction.

As regards the second, he should ask Wathoni for instructions. 

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