[Music] Lil Bape Heaven Gates

Lil Bape has been on a steady rise over the past few months. Emerging out of North Philly, he’s continued to improve with every new release, constantly sharpening the iron of his main two strengths: melodies and songwriting. On one hand, Bape’s voice is the vehicle for the emotion in his songs, while on the other hand, his lyrics create the canvas for this to happen, as heart-stricken tales of life in Philly act as the inspiration for each new offering. Today, putting all of this and more into practice, Bape is back with a brand new set of visuals for “Heaven Gates.”

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Just under 3 minutes in length, “Heaven Gates” begins with an excerpt from a newscast about the shooting of a 16-year old in Philly. Immediately setting the stage for Bape, every lyric there on out is pushed through with heartfelt melodies, which root themselves in reality and create a meaningful ground for the release to stand on. Lil Bape’s music is a reflection of real-life instances, thoughts, and emotions, and songs like “Heaven Gates” are massively impressive expressions of such. For this reason and more, Bape has become a standout name in Philly at a young age, which only makes his growth all the more exciting to watch.

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If you weren’t familiar already, be sure to check out “Heaven Gates” below – and be on the lookout for more from Lil Bape in the months to come!

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Download or Listen to Lil Bape Heavens Gate

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