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Everything You Need to Know About low Self-Esteem


Everything You Need to Know About low Self-Esteem

Most times, what we have passed through could get the better of us if care is not taken. Life is full of ups and down. We all face situations that threatens who we are, our value, confidence etc. what is low self esteem and how can it be taken care of? sit back, be calm, relax, you could take a pen if possible and jot things down.. lol. but i promise to touch every aspect of it.

Low self-esteem has done a lot of damage and at the same time claimed many lives. Some people today don’t have what it takes to face life just because of an unfortunate situation. Several things can make us have low self-esteem and we must always be ready to fight those things.

What is self Esteem?

You can say self-esteem means self-worth or self-pride, self-respect or personal value. They are all correct. How we will go in life depends on our self-worth, how we feel about ourselves, our confidence etc.

We can naturally say we have 3 different stages of self-esteem. Low self-esteem, moderate self-esteem and high self-esteem. Today, we will be analysing low self-esteem and how to conquer it.

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Here are some events that causes low self esteem 

Sexual Abuse

This aspect has pushed many females to depression and suicide. Some females commit suicide due to the fact that they were raped and as result of that lost interest in continuing their life. They believe their self-pride has been taken away, their confidence has been crushed and there is no reason to live. Those that summoned courage to live on still have that hole in their heart due to the occurrence of that unfortunate event.

Play Group Rejection

This is mostly associated to kids. Play groups are meant to sharpen the brain and at the same time makes someone feel good about him or herself. Automatically, they are meant to increase or boost the morale of one another through playing with each other. If they instead choose to reject each other due to probably because one of them is disable or less intelligent or just different to others in a weird way. That alone can first make such child moody, sad, and could find it hard to fit in life if care is not taken.

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Comparison is one of the fastest ways to kill self confidence in someone. Even in a , comparison is of the ways of killing the gradually. But we are not talking about now, so let’s look at comparison from a parental view. From parental side, when a child is compared to his or her mates, it’s only in few times that the child feel determined, most times it kills the happiness of such child and instead of encouraging, it makes the child feel worthless or less valued.

When parents fail to impact confidence into a child, that child can grow up to become the lonely and sad type and might never get anything right in life. Also, parent should not write off their child about anything because that child may never regain the self-esteem needed to succeed again.

And as an adult, comparing yourself to others that have made in one way or the other could kill your self-confidence because you will start seeing yourself as valueless which is not supposed to be

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Repercussions of low self esteem


This is a state of mind that people enter before contemplating on suicide. When self-worth is low already, any mental stress or situation could push such fellow to depression in a very short while. Also, when parents compare kids or their children to others that are doing better than them, it takes away the self-worth of at least 70% and push them to extreme mental imbalance.


This shouldn’t come as a surprise if you ask me, majority of youths committing suicide nowadays is as a result of low self-esteem. A student committing suicide because of low grade, a guy committing suicide because a girl left him or a girl killing herself because his man left her is all as a result of lack of self-worth or self-. If they themselves, they will understand that we come to this life once, so taking their own life is wickedness.

Hello There I am Adeyemi Aderinsola, An author on this great site. Feel free to contact me!!

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