Faces Of The 39 Migrants Who Froze To Death In Refrigerated Truck In UK

Hoping for a better life, here are the faces of the 39 people who are believed to have frozen to death in the back of a truck after a desperate attempt to reach Britain.

The victims were discovered Unclad, or with minimal clothing, and had been desperately ‘banging on the doors’ for help and had ‘foam coming from their mouths’.

The bodies of eight women and 31 men could have been frozen in the truck for several days when they were discovered on Wednesday.

It is now thought that as many as 25 of the 39 victims are Vietnamese and from the same impoverished coastal region of Yen Than.

Moment family heard from a friend living in the UK that ‘Nhung is one of the victims,’

Anna Bui Thi Nhung, 19, from Vietnam paid an agent over $10,000 with the hope of entering the U.K. to work as a nail technician, according to a relative.

A relative looks at an image of Nhung.

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