Designer Calls Out BBNaija’s Ka3na For Slashing Salary From N40k to N4k

A fashion designer, identified as Donicce May on Instagram has called out former BBNaija housemate and self acclaimed boss lady, Ka3na, alleging that she portrays a false lifestyle, and slashes her workers salary unjustly.

According to Donicce, who claimed to be the creative mind behind the reality TV star’s clothe designs, Ka3na emotionally abuses her workers, adding that this led to majority of her staff resigning from the job.

He further revealed that the boss lady paid him four thousand naira, as opposed to their initial agreement of forty thousand naira, when he started the job.

He also stated that Ka3na humiliated her best friend and fellow housemate, Lucy, for picking naira notes at the BBNaija finale party.

In his words,

I want the whole world to know you for who your really are. You are a broke and fake life style celebrity. This woman here after vigorous interview for her amour da ka3na brand, we ended up being five who got the job and was told our initial salary is 40k. No problem, we moved to a room in her BQ where she uses as her shop cos she doesn’t have money to rent a place for now.

After first month, she said our salary will be 30k after we all quarreled about it, I personally designed all her clothes that she has been wearing even before the bbn lockdown white party up till now, yet this heartless woman refused to pay us our monthly remuneration. The person who sews though he’s not on IG, will use his money to buy materials which went on for 2months and when he calls ka3na, she’ll say he should buy and she’ll pay this evening. Have i told y’all about her rude behaviour and insults to we her staff. Two ppl left but I stayed cos I wanted to learn from this man here who sews her clothe

I am the creative mind behind all her designs. Not too long, one more person left cos he couldn’t cope with the emotional abuse remaining myself and the man who sews for her. Immediately he too left cos of the monies she still owes him, I started calling and writing ka3na to pls pay me all my salary for the time I’ve worked and this heartless soul transferred 4k to me as my salary. Ah…ka3na my mother has sworn for you and your daughter already for sitting on someone’s sweat. I started calling to no avail then she blocked me, she has also gone to her amour da ka3na brand to post that I am fake but I wasn’t when I was designing your outfits.

She was still the same person who came to insult @lucyedetofficial in front of us her staff saying Lucy acts like a pauper cos she picked money kiddwaya sprayed during the white party in the house. There’s nothing this lady didn’t say about Lucy at least Lucy acts according to her pocket. Pls pay me my money that’s all I’m asking for, I will make sure I call u out and let the whole world know that you’re far from what you portray yourself to be on social media. He added.

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