Lady reveals how an online vendor tried to snatch her man after he spent N800k on her business

Lady reveals how an online vendor tried to snatch her man after he spent N800k on her business

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A Nigerian lady Twitter has called out an online vendor whose name she did not mention, over alleged attempts to snatch her boyfriend after patronizing her business.

Olivia known as @TheOliviaLife on the micro-blogging site, had told her boyfriend to buy goods from the online vendor worth over N800,000 as presents for her.

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The vendor, after having supplied said goods, however, continued checking up with the man, sending texts and making calls to know about his welfare.

@TheOliviaLife was not comfortable with this hence she called her out in a series of tweets,

“One of you here, after my man spent over 800k in your business for presents for me instead of you to be grateful to me, you started texting him everyday.

“You say you’re just checking up on him and seeking business advice. Do you check on your mother that often???? Onye oshi”

“I don’t blame you I’m the one that told him I wanted things from your store. I’m not with him anymore but my God will still punish you o”

“Ok maybe this needs to be said: the vendor and my ex didn’t date or whatever. She was texting him things that made him uncomfortable and he brought me in on it then gave me his phone to shut that shit down which I did instantly. We were together 1 more year before we split.”

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