“Leave a violent relationship, before you die” – IG Twerker, Janemena advises

Popular Nigerian Instagram twerk queen, Janemena has advised women in abusive relationship or marriages to call it quit before they loose their lives.

Janemena advises

Janemana who gave this advise on her verified Instagram page noted that although quitting a relationship is hard but it would be better to treat a wound by oneself than the morgue attendant dressing the wounds for a funeral.

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In her words,

“So I feel like I’m not one to share this because to be honest, I have never been in a violent relationship with anyone so I really don’t know the right things to say, BUT I really want to say this?.

“If you are in A violent relationship/marriage, Be it Emotional or Sexual abuse(yes there is, even if you are married to that person) and any type of violence you think can take your life in a second, Please Pack your things and leave o because when it happens. They will only write ‘eeyhaaa or Rip(yes they will also abbreviate it)?.

“Though they say it’s not easy to “PACK AND LEAVE” because sometimes we just want to try and repair what’s already broken, but is it not better to treat those wounds on your body than for the morgue attendants to beautify those wounds, just to get you ready for your funeral.

“If you are an abusive person, please change today. No be when you don kill person, you go try dey change and beg for forgiveness from God?.”

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