Wife whose face was severely burnt gives husband permission to leave her

29-year-old, Halie Tennan, has given her husband permission to leave her, after her face was severely burnt after an accident.

Halie Tenan who is a primary school teacher went for camping with her friends in May and fell into a burning fire.

It was gathered that Tenan fell while sleeping on a chair and woke up with horrifying burns across her face. She believes the chair must have tipped over and thrown her into the fire head-on.

Her friend, Kenzie, rushed to pour ice-cold water over her and managed to take her back to her house 2km .

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Afterwards, she was rushed to ICU in The Alfred Hospital in Melbourne and spent about eight days in coma.

On recuperating after several surgeries and skin graft, Tenan who realized that her face had been badly damaged, asked her husband, Mathew, who she had married earlier this year if he wanted to leave.

In her words, “I’m going to say this once, but if this is too much, you can leave.”

According to her, a stranger made her cry when they compared her to a zombie, but with time, she now has a more positive outlook.

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She said,

“My face was covered in burns and scars –Not knowing who you are any more is a hard thing to come to terms with. I think of my accident as a wake-up call, a second chance to do better, to be better and to look after me better.”

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