How To Upload Videos On Opera News

Just like I explained how to add videos in your articles I will be showing you the simple way to post your videos too on opera news hub.

As soon as you clicked this post, you might have run this search queries.

How do I upload videos on opera news hub?

How do I post videos on opera news hub?

How to add videos on opera news hub,

I won’t bore you too much, as I’m not a boring guy lol, let’s get down to the easy steps.

  • Login to your YouTube dashboard
  • Look for your preferred video
  • Tap On the share button on YouTube
  • Then click OPERAnewsHub
  • Follow the prompt and wait for your video to be approved

Check the video the showed the steps below

I hope I helped you, if this video/my post helps you or you have an issue, kindly comment below.

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