How To Write Siwes Report

The industrial report should be prepared for almost every period of your employment. This report is needed for your school grades and server as a foundation and training for professional development and future career, as almost every career will require report writing at some point. Therefore, it’s a necessity to know how to write SIWES report. Continue reading to find out top 5 tips on how to write a SIWES report.

What is the SIWES report?

The SIWES report is an acronym for the Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme. It’s a programme with a duration of three months to one year. It’s connected with Industrial Training or IT. Therefore, every student is required to get through this training in the second or third year of school. It is graded like every other school course, that’s why every student must learn how to write SIWES/ IT report.

1. Why would you need this report?

The purpose of the Industrial Training is to provide the necessary skills for the student in their future profession.

It increases the knowledge and experience of students, which can later help them in their professional development. Through the SIWES report, the university staff can understand what a student has learned from the overall practice! The students will also have to provide necessary documents to show what they have learned!

2. What should be observed in the report?

Generally, a SIWES report should consist of four chapters.

  • The first Chapter represents the introduction of your Industrial training report. It’s the very first thing you should think about when you start writing the report. A good introduction provides the very first impression of your work.
  • The second Chapter should provide all the activities that you worked on through your training. It’s necessary to indicate everything that you did during your training as it can help you to get good grades.
  • The third Chapter is connected with all your work related problems encountered in training, you will need to specify if you were able to solve them during the training.
  • The fourth Chapter is the conclusion of your work. In other words, you summarize everything in one chapter. The main idea of the conclusion is to provide the general information of what you did during the SIWES or IT period. It should include all graphics and diagrams which are necessary in a well written report.

3. Purpose of the Report

The purpose of writing the SIWES report can be explained in four parts:

  • To state in record the personal performance of the student on the work.
  • The report is necessary to test if the students had gained the skills and experience of the students;
  • This technical report is needed to summarize the whole experience of the student on the work;
  • It`s good training for students in writing. It can be their trial work for the graduation project.

4. Content and format of reports

The general report format includes the following characteristics:

  • A4 format paper;
  • Times New Roman;
  • Font-Size – 12 points;
  • Line spacing is 1.5.
  • The “310-gram Whiteart Card” is to be advised for students to be used for the front cover.

Every report must include the following items:

  • Activities of the Organization;
  • Acknowledge of the Organization;
  • Summary of the Report.

In the content section of your SIWES report it`s necessary to include:

  • Page numbers;
  • Sub-titles;
  • Titles.

You will also be required to explain and describe the reason why you have chosen a certain company for your training. Therefore, in the introduction chapter of your SIWES report you will need to indicate the following:

  • History of the company;
  • Organizational Structure of the company;
  • Structure of the company;
  • The title and the position of the officer responsible for your training;
  • Other necessary information about the company where you work.

All students should also provide detailed report of their activities at their work place. Therefore, every SIWES report should also contain the following information:

  • Problems Solved;
  • Problems encountered during the work;
  • Supervisory work:
  • Projects handled out.

5. Summary

The most important part of every SIWES report is its summary or conclusion. Therefore, every summary must contain the following information:

  • The type of experience gained during the training;
  • Problems encountered during the training and how you solved them;
  • Views and recommendations on the training.
  • In the summery, you will also include the appendix, references, list of sources, tables and figures.

Do not forget that every student should go through the Students Industrial Work Experience Scheme. It’s necessary for your future profession to go through the training which will allow you handle the regular problems you can encounter in any work

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