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Hello my dear lovely friend, I’m Oluwafemi David Bello and you can call me (O.D.B), Prof, or brave… uhmmmm sorry, just kidding!  What’s your name? I would have loved to know your name too, but you know I can’t do that here, but hey, you can subscribe to my mail so I can know your name and I can communicate with you. 

I believe a proper introduction is needed as we get acquired though, but, thanks for stopping by here, lol.

Now to proper introduction

I’m a student of the national open university, communication technology to be precise should you be interested in my course. I’m also an experienced freelance writer who has worked with many US and UK websites for content developing and content creation.

Why and what do I want to blog about?

Blogging was never in my mind even though I wanted to make my voice heard, lots of things to share but how do I communicate with the world, blogging then occurred to me like the simplest way to communicate with the world, especially for someone like me who has a lot on my mind to share.

What do I want to Blog about?

Well, there are a few main areas I would love to talk about and they are:


This aspect will focus on interesting and mind-blowing relationship tips. I observed that some people just talk about relationship without knowing what it really entails and as such, fall into the wrong one or in some cases, get into the right one which still feels like they are in the wrong one.

 Relationship is even no more a big deal to some people due to the level of disappointment faced. So, basically, this blog corner’s goal is to enlighten as well as make my readers know how to make their relationship work and also how to detect a wrong one.

Life Goals

We all have dreams, either good or bad. We all aspire for something; everyone wants to have a fulfilled future but not everyone is actually planning. Some are planning but they are making the wrong plans and as a result keep getting the wrong results.

The similarity between the rich and the poor is that they both have dreams, but the difference is that one set is living the dream while the other sets are still in their dreams.

This blog corner will focus more on how to make sure your dreams are followed up with a concrete plan, so you won’t just keep dreaming and keep living in the shadows.


A man who refuses to improve or work on himself or herself is already dead. Constantly making improvements in your life will further improve you as a person and make you a better person.

this Blog category will focus on some self-improvement tips that will be very useful for you.

Christianity and Reality

Christianity has been destroyed to the extent that people no longer feel safe in the house of God. indeed, the house of God is now the den of thieves. Fake religious leaders now use fear of God to extort from members.

Nowadays, some fraudsters now hide under the name pastor to dupe, rape and steal member’s wife.

Don’t get it wrong, this category is not to discriminate but to reveal the truth about Christianity so people won’t fall victims of fake pastors or we will also talk about topics that might confuse Christians or believers as well as make them realise Christianity isn’t bondage.

Naija Analysis

There are so many controversial issues that need to be analysed in details for some persons who may be interested. This blog corner will focus mainly on such issues. Examples are Atiku losing Election, what was the cause? Pastor Abiodun Vs Busola: the possible hidden truth that neither of the parties is willing to reveal. Topics such as these will be looked into from different angles and talked about critically.

These are the areas I will be taking you through, I hope to do my possible best. So, I suggest when next you will be visiting the blog, don’t forget to grab a glass of champagne and some popcorn because it’s definitely going to be one ‘helluva’ read in here…

Furthermore, all the blog posts here will be exclusively written by me except stated.

What Else?

If you have a topic you feel you want me to talk about or have a story to share, or you are a skilled writer too and would like to feature as a guest writer on the blog, please don’t hesitate to contact me through, I promise to reply ASAP. Thank you and welcome on board, Cheers!


Hello There I am Adeyemi Aderinsola, An author on this great site. Feel free to contact me!!


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