#BBNAIJA: ka3na is a bad person – Vee

Hello to Vee
Welcome to your diary session
Biggie: Talk to big brother about how you are feeling today
Vee: I feel a lot tired because of the argument going on in the house about the food. We had a table discussion and I feel this things are not things to be talking about. She said it’s quite disappointing on how people are talking about things that they don’t
Biggie: What do you think the underline issues are?

Vee: The person that has issue with most people is ka3na. Not because she’s a bad person but most people don’t understand her. It’s just that she doesn’t know how to coined her word. You just have to ignore a lot of things she says. Emotion behind the way she talk has caused a lot of issue

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Biggie: You have a new HOH, share your thought
Vee: she laughs!!! She said she thought they are going to be under dictatorship. She’s very demanding and she needs to know that there are 20 people here and not everybody is going to behave the way you want. That like today, they were cleaning and before they finished hot water has finished. Lucy is too emotional.
She said she’s happy she won and she hopes she learn in this week and sit back to understand the housemates

Biggie: Interesting!!
You are in your second week, what have you learnt in the house

Vee: Enduring. You can’t like everybody 100% ( She talks too much)
Which HMs do you think( I dint get the questions)

Vee: Kaisha. She has a lot of potentials but HMs really misunderstood her. She doesn’t take to correction. She like saying things to people but she doesn’t want people saying to her back.

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This Sunday you will see the first eviction on the show, what are your chances of not being evicted

She gave herself 90% because she has been real from the start

Biggie: You are expected to present a show on Thursday, tell big brother how you are preparing

Vee: She’s waiting for props. Gymnastics is not her thing but she love dancing (…. I can’t put the rest of the thing she’s saying together) tired of her DS
Biggie: Will you be showing big brother any special talent

Vee: She said once get her props she will be showing her talents

Biggie: Do you think the house is working together to win the task

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Vee: Working together- No and it’s likely they will still work together but she will try

Biggie: It’s the HOH doing her best to win the task.

Vee: She’s a tension and emotional lady so she doesn’t think she’s on top of her job and she may likely struggle to bring people together. Even to do a little job of battery changing is difficult for her to do.

Biggie: Is there anything else you have to discuss with big brother

Vee: She needs more vitamin because she slow in iron and it causes her to sleep more

Biggie: You have a lot of time and biggie will look into your request

End of diary session

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