2023: There Are Plots To Keep Presidency In The North – Prof. Sagay

Prof Itse Sagay, has warned those clamouring for jettisoning of rotation of presidency to rest such idea, as zoning is an arrangement that assuages the feelings of the people, and gives them the confidence that they have a role in the affairs of the country.

“People should not be too clever because I’m seeing some cleverness in those who are now talking of competence. I would be more comfortable with them saying that, if the part of the country from which they do not come has spent eight years, then if they talk of competence I would take them very seriously.

I see some of these talks of competence as a disguise for wanting perpetuation of power in one section of the country”, he stated.

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In this interview with VINCENT KALU, the professor of Law warned that Edo might witness bloodshed if the September 19 governorship election in the state is not properly handled.

Of late, you have been critical of the Justice Salami Panel probing Magu and the EFCC, what are the specific issues you have against the inquiry?

We have to be very clear about what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the process of fair hearing; I don’t have anything at all against the panel, and I have the greatest respect for Justice Salami and he knows it.

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But what I criticised were two things: One, most members of the panel came from agencies that are in fact the accusers of Magu, that is contrary to our normal principle of fair hearing. You cannot be the accuser and the judge.

The second is: Those who petitioned made their cases when he wasn’t there, and after they had finished, then he was asked to make response and that is the information I have; again that is contrary to all our procedures in the common law.

In accordance with the constitution, when somebody is accusing you of something, you are supposed to be present; first, you are to be served in advance of whatever you are accused of, then you will be there when the person is making a case, so that you have an opportunity of challenging him, cross examining him and exposing any lies or inconsistency if there are. Those are what I criticised, the procedures of the exercise.

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As the chairman of PACAC, have you written to President Buhari to make your grievances known about the panel or the way the anti- graft war is being fought?

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