Man narrates his encounter with a former fashion designer who now sells oranges for a living

A man has narrated his encounter with a former fashion designer who fell on hard times and now sells oranges on the streets of Lagos.

Okikiola took to his Twitter narrate the story of how he met the woman on his way to work and initially thought she “wasn’t OK psychologically”.

However, on getting closer, he noticed a sack containing oranges near her.

He engaged her in a conversation and realized that she’s well-spoken. The woman explained that she was a fashion designer. Unfortunately, she fell on hard times and had to start selling on the streets of Lagos.

Read his thread narrating the encounter below.

So i was driving to FRS office yesterday morning along oshodi isale, close to lastma office, and i saw a woman under the rain ? shivering Cold face, at first sight i thought she wasn’t ok psychologically and i drove past her, at a second glance via the side mirror!!!

I noticed there was a sack close to her, i slowed down and i kept wondering why was she was under the rain, so i parked, and trekked back to her, i saw it was a sack full of oranges, and she had sold only one, the #50 naira was right on top of the oranges

I moved close and asked her, “madam are you selling this? “ She said yes, i asked how much is the whole sack? She said #1200 naira, i was lost for words Disappointed face i said to myself “1200?” I had no cash on me so i promised i was going to come back to her

I went back to my car, and i couldn’t just hold back the tears, it kept rolling down my cheeks, as i looked up to thank GOD for all the blessings i over looked and forgot to appreciate, for all the goodness and mercies i get despite my sporadic sins

I was in no way better than this woman, afterall she’s outspoken, all through my conversations with her, she never replied with broken English, however, i went back to her and gave her my token, i was more concerned with her leaving the rain as she was really shivering

This should have been a low key thing, but i feel this woman needs help, she’s definitely educated, she said she’s got twins, and she used to be a fashion designer, I’m sure the pandemic affected alot, as there are no occasions as it used to be!!!

I wish people could see this and help this woman, she is a fighter, she’s not willing to give up either, if you have anything to spare, she stays directly in front of aquadana company beside lastma office at oshodi!!! I forgot to add she said she collected the oranges on credit.

Now let’s ask ourselves, who needs GOFUND ME ACCOUNT? Who needs WAD-ROPE ALLOWANCE? Who needs HEALTHCARE ALLOWANCE? Who needs travel allowance? The little things we do today counts tomorrow GOD bless you all as you help her Person bowing deeply

So i revisited her after work today, and she said she doesn’t have an account, i offered taking her to bank just so we could open an account in her name, i asked if she has any means of identity card, she said no, no bvn too, This is probing difficult tho, Pls any banker here?


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