The Hero’s Walk’ – Igbo apprenticeship documentary by Hero Lager live on multiple media platforms —


‘The Hero’s Walk’, the much-anticipated exposé on the Igbo apprenticeship system majorly practised by the South East people of Nigeria, has been launched for general viewership on YouTube and TV Stations across the country.

This epic documentary produced by Hero Lager Beer was premiered across major cities in the country in the past couple of weeks. The documentary was also exclusively screened to celebrities, filmmakers, artistes, cultural icons, and other notable dignitaries at the Filmhouse Cinema Lekki, Lagos.

“The Hero’s Walk” is narrated by Nollywood veteran actor, Nkem Owoh and it delves into an age-long culture of hands-on training and mentoring of young Igbo men by relatives or kinsmen to empower them to become successful entrepreneurs through the acquisition of skills by learning directly from established businesses.

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As a brand that has always identified with culture, Hero Lager’s mission to spotlight the Igbo apprenticeship process was borne out of the desire to articulate an important story that chronicles the coming-of-age of many Igbos, and how the practice of Imu Ahia deserves better visibility and acknowledgment as a proven method of attaining success and generational wealth.

Speaking on the release of the documentary, Marketing Director, International Breweries Plc, Tolulope Adedeji, said the “The Hero’s Walk” has been released on online and offline platforms to give wider audiences a chance to see and appreciate the enviable business model.

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“We are excited about the responses received during the premiere across the country. The testimonials are incredible, and this has spurred us to make it available for the general public so they can also view and appreciate this unique culture and practice. The story of legacy exhibited in the documentary is worth sharing on a wider scale so that many can learn and possibly adopt the model.”

It is pertinent to note that “The Hero’s Walk” is the first documentary that created a unique platform for business people to tell the story of a tested business model, especially for successful entrepreneurs who went through the model before establishing their own businesses. The age-long model has made many successful businessmen and women and continues to do so till date. The full version of the documentary can be watched on: Hero Lager YouTube page

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Hero Lager is a product of International Breweries Plc, a proud part of AB InBev, the world’s largest brewers with over 400 beer brands.


The Hero’s Walk’ – Igbo apprenticeship documentary by Hero Lager live on multiple media platforms —


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