There Is No Coronavirus In Nigeria – US-Based Nurse Speaks

A Nigerian nurse based in the United States, Yetunde Ifelowo, has said that there is no COVID-19 in Nigeria.

 According to her, Nigerians living in the North American country do not believe that coronavirus back home is real. She said Nigeria’s population is just like New York, adding that Nigeria would have had more cases than the United States if the virus is real back home.

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 She said the United States is more equipped than Nigeria, adding that the latter does not have a functioning hospital that could admit patients.  

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Speaking about cases being reported in Nigeria, she said: “Who is really taking care of these people? Who are the nurses? Which hospital were they in? How many days were they in the hospital? “So to me and some other Nigerians, we do not believe that Nigeria has the case. I think because of the herbs and home remedies that we are taking, I think it really helps.

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And this very virus doesn’t survive under heat – so maybe that could be an advantage.”

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