Nigerian-American rapper Wale talks about Nigeria in new video

Nigerian-American rapper Wale was captured recently speaking good about Nigeria – In an interview, Wale advised people to visit Nigeria as the country has fliest cultures, weddings and food – Wale who is a successful American rapper has often shown how proud he is to be from Nigeria There is a popular lyrics which states: No matter where you go, remember the road that leads you home. While Nigerian-American rapper Wale has not fully relocated back to Nigeria, he has shown that he is proud of his roots. In a recent interview, Wale was heard painting the best picture of Nigeria and asking people to pay a visit to the ‘green’ nation. He stated that we have the best cultures, best food and even ‘fliest’ weddings. Several Nigerians in the diaspora who often make sure to proclaim their love for the country can agree with what Wale said. For instance, tales of Nigerian jollof rice have gone far and beyond, so much that foreigners who visit make sure to have a taste of the legendary coloured rice. So when Wale took to glorifying his motherland, many could appreciate how much passion he exuded on the subject. See below:

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