No More Lecture Free – TASUEDSU President

No More Lecture Free – TASUEDSU President
No More Lecture Free – TASUEDSU President
No More Lecture Free – TASUEDSU President

No More Lecture Free – TASUEDSU President

The leadership of the Tai Solarin University of Education Students Union have held several meetings with the university authority and the leadership of shuttle dirvers.

On Monday, 11th and Tuesday, 12th of November 2019 in the meetings spearheaded by the Dean of Students Affairs, and the Deputy Vice-Chancellor respectively, the Students Union leadership made some basic demands which are that:

  1. All shuttle drivers must present medical fitness test results before they shall operate on campus.
  2. All shuttle drivers must present Vehicle Inspection certificate of road worthiness.
  3. All vehicles must be registered and certified to be road worthy to convey Students by the Students Union.
  4. All vehicles must provide drivers licence.
  5. All shuttles must now load on campus considerably with the exception of Anglican Juncture.
  6. Any driver that is reported and found guilty of assaulting or harassing students shall stand indefinitely suspended.
  7. The students Union shall be represented in the committee on transportation of the campus.
  8. Transportation cost shall be reduced to #50.

Invariably, all of these demands were equally supported by the University Vice Chancellor and the management team who all share our sentiments.

The leadership of the shuttle drivers were logically dragged to agree with all of these demands except for the cost.

The University authority then brought up the idea of setting up a committee to formalise the demands that has been agreed to and to review the only contentious demands.

Objectively, our demands as been agreed to give us a prospective victory of the last core demands under contention.

As objective Students Union leaders and partner in progress, having realized that the University being the number one versity with stable running system understands that we cannot afford to put the activities of the campus to a halt, we therefore appealed that test and attendance should not be conducted nor taken by the lecturers for the rest of this week. The Deputy Vice Chancellor, equally gave his consent to this request wish we quite appreciate and commend as a union.

We appreciate the effort of the university Vice chancellor, Deputy Vice Chancellor and ASUU for solidarising with us and giving an edge in the struggle.

Apparantly, our voices have been heard and our demands have being achieved with the only contentious goal in view, we therefore use this medium to inform the students populace that the lecture free week declared by the Union has been reversed as students who are and will be affected by this new reversal are assured that the school authority has magnanimously assured us that they won’t have a course for regret.

Finally, we appreciate all pedagogical heroes for standing by us. We reiterate that our collective interest is our utmost priority.

Victora Ascerta!

SONEYE Abdul-Azeez Lekan ( LAS)
TASUEDSU President.

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