Roles of Both Parent and Teachers in a Child’s Life

In a typical world, a lot is expected from teachers as well as parents, both the ones that concerns them and the one that doesn’t. So I think it is only normal to mix up the roles of each of them.

You know, while growing up, I used to feel parents are only responsible for making sure kids do their assignment, not knowing it’s way bigger than that.

So without wasting your time, let’s go straight to what we have for today

Before then, we need to understand first the meaning of role

what is role?

According google, role means responsibility, we can as well call it function. Now now that we get the definition, let’s move on to what is next.

Now, what are the roles of teachers in the life of their students?

From the word “teach” we can understand that sharing is involve, and no one can teach you what you already know, you only learn what you don’t know.

So, technically, we can say teachers are meant to share knowledge, help a student organize his or life, tutor him or her etc.

Their main job is to share what they know with the students in a way that it will benefit them in future as well as make them useful in the society at large.

You would observe that the definition of teach doesn’t involve anything outside academics like culture, religion, etc. which means if a child is not academically sound, one could partially blame the teacher.

Why Partially?

You know, many factors could be responsible for it. It could the child’s IQ, seriousness to home works etc.RELATED  Everything You Need to Know About low Self-Esteem

Role of parents

Parent are the primary reason a child can either be useful or useless, how? There is something called “home training”. a child with good home training can survive without going to school, but it’s almost impossible for a child to turn to someone responsible

When parents fail to train their child at home, the pressure is now transferred to the teacher and that makes the work of a teacher hard. Kid’s that fall into this category won’t do what the teacher says and what is meant to benefit such kid might not benefit him or her.

Parents needs to understand and differentiate home training from school training.

Which areas are the parent responsible for a child’s growth?

  • Hygiene
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Culture
  • Moral
  • Hygiene
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Culture
  • Moral
  • Religion
  • Religion
  • Respect

We can say the listed points are the bricks to laying a good foundation that teachers will build on.


The foundation of a child’s life is parents’ job while teachers are meant to build on the foundation set by parent, but when the foundation is faulty, it frustrates the efforts of the builder who happens to be teachers.

So, parents need to work hand in hand with teachers by doing their job so as to make the efforts of teachers fruitful.

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