The Atheists are of the opinion that seeing is believing,you should not believe in what you don’t see,they try to prove human existence with scientific methods,They are of the opinion that human exist from apes and they try to prove their intelligence by saying there’s no God and all things exist by nature!!

Some of us will want to agree with them even if we believe in a divine being,there proofs are to some extent convincing but if looked at critically,we will see that even they are confused,i asked an atheist if he can see his heart since he said seeing is believing!! But he said that is not possible,I asked him that since he evolved from Ape,how did he reason that he must clothe himself or cook his food before eating?Where does he get water to drink and wash himself?does that just occur too?or there’s really a Supernatural being behind all these? I agree that seeing is believing but some things are beyond man’s comprehension and sometimes only the gifted can see them!!

We may not see God,but His signs and wonders are enough to believe in His existence!!

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