“The housemates are lazy” Lucy

Diary Sessions begin

Lucy’s DS

How Are You Feeling?

She feels much better right now, but earlier during the day, today was another episode of personal challenge in the house. And everyday, she keeps finding that maybe she is stronger than she thinks. Biggie’s house is very interesting. At the end of the day, she finds a way to clear her mind and conscience, so, she doesn’t feel horrible or hurt by something.

Aside Yourself, Who would you have preferred to win HoH?

She honestly thought it would be anybody else but her. She wasn’t really looking at the others, but aside herself, maybe Ka3na, as she thinks her very hard working, unlike others

How Does Immunity make her feel?

It gives her peace. She is a bit relaxed, she would have been panicking by now if she was up for the eviction. She is just grateful

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How do you think everyone else is feeling?

She doesn’t know. She is just grateful she is safe. She wants to wait for another thing to happen, and then she will be fine. She knows HMs would have preferred anyone else but her (she begins to cry)

Biggie asks her about her emotions

Everyday, there is always something. How do people just gang up? She doesn’t believe she has done anything. Maybe Bigie should say something, chip in a word or two or something, for the HMs to help around the house.

Biggie asks her to be Specific

She means general helping out. She knows she is not supposed to tell them certain things, as they are grown up, but they don’t want to. They only pick interest in games and tasks, making the work difficult for those who work. The House should be for all of them, and everyone should put in some effort, not just one person. That is why she picked Prince. The kitchen is currently a mess, no one cleaned it. She does not know how people can live in a mess and justify it with “I do like that at home”… She thinks people should adjust a bit, rather than make excuses for their behavior.

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Biggie Mentions Weekly Task. What are preparation plans?

They are waiting for the props to share what they will do. Some say they need props to practice. In the mornings, instead of working out, they use the arena for practice. So far, everyone has chosen their roles, and practice has begun.

What role will you be taking?

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She will be drumming, try to juggle and she was going to do back flips, but is not so sure of that

Are there any particular talents?

She hopes juggling is the specific talent she can learn between now and Thursday

Does she think the house is doing well?

She thinks when time cones, everyone will align with their roles, as they all seem to have found something they would like to do. She does not think she will have much problems with the house on the task

Anything Else?

She has something, but will prefer to ask later

She asks if she can drop the list of items they will be needing for the Thursday performance.

Biggie tells her she can drop the list in the Store Room

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