Two Policemen Drown While Chasing Criminals

Two newly recruited Constables, Oparemi Goke and Ogunyemi Mujeeb of the Durbar Police Department in Oyo, and a member of the Discipline Intelligent Group of Nigeria (DIGON) have met their end while being patriotic.

The Policemen were allegedly chasing criminals into a water filled area and as soon as the criminal jumped into the mud, they jumped immediately and they got swallowed by the mud.

Later the same day their corpses was recovered later.

The security operatives drowned around 7:30pm on Sunday, July 12,2020 at Awerintu River, Oke-Eletu while chasing the criminals who ran towards a bridge washed away by flood. The policemen had followed one of the criminals into a water he jumped into but got swallowed by mud. Their corpses were later recovered on 12th of July, 2020.

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May their Patriotic Soul rest in peace

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